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Posted By Emo On 11-03-2007 | Views: 1,430 Replies: 11
Yes, the middle button is pretty important... it pretty much is the same command as the "track tool"

if you go to "View -> Camera tools -> Tack Tool" that's what the ALT + MMB does
Posted By Emo On 11-03-2007 | Views: 854 Replies: 4
Forum: Maya Modeling
I "thank" that it's because of the axis you are trying to rotate it at...
Posted By Emo On 09-03-2007 | Views: 2,066 Replies: 23
Simply.... Amazing :eek:

This was one of the best movies I've ever seen. Period. :bow:

It comes out today in the US and I'll...
Posted By Emo On 05-03-2007 | Views: 1,725 Replies: 6
Forum: Finished Work
haha... made me laugh.. a little dark but it was good overall
Posted By Emo On 03-03-2007 | Views: 482 Replies: 1
Well it sure looks changed around here.. lots of new stuff!! :beer:

A lot of you probably don't know/remember me but some of the old dogs here might.. hopefully haha

anyway, just wanted to...
Posted By Emo On 03-03-2007 | Views: 59,321 Replies: 239
Looks great... dont forget the hair at the end lol
Posted By Emo On 26-10-2005 | Views: 1,976 Replies: 11
:eek: 3-4kb/sec? wow...

today I was gettin mad because my downloads were droppin below 400kb/sec.. lol and I actually hit a record high of 650/sec

but that's of course, you're over there......
Posted By Emo On 27-04-2005 | Views: 1,579 Replies: 18
not that I DONT have time for SM.. I always end up back here one way or the other, but it's just there's been WAY too many things to be worrying outside of the Maya world where they take a bigger...
Posted By Emo On 26-04-2005 | Views: 1,579 Replies: 18
HEYYYY everybody!!

Emo's here too!!!

what's sad is that I just came to this site and when I pressed "new posts" I was buried with 14 pages of new stuff!!! :confused:

Before if I had more...
Posted By Emo On 26-04-2005 | Views: 686 Replies: 3
I'm not completely sure but a lot of times Google or another big time search engine will send out it's "spiders" and they appear as guests... :alien:

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