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Posted By GCastro On 30-08-2005 | Views: 2,840 Replies: 26
Aww man :( I'm just hearing about this now. All the best to you Kev. I'm stunned, i really am. I really hope things turn out well for you and your family and with whatever the future holds for...
Posted By GCastro On 21-07-2005 | Views: 11,501 Replies: 81
Almost two years pass and this is the first time i see this post! Crazy...

Adl, thanks for the kind words. Amazing how much happens in 2 years :eek:

God Bless buddy,
Posted By GCastro On 07-07-2005 | Views: 1,448 Replies: 17
Glad to hear you guys are alright. My prayers are with you all.

Posted By GCastro On 10-11-2004 | Views: 734 Replies: 1

you could try:



Vfx Pro (
Posted By GCastro On 10-11-2004 | Views: 863 Replies: 6
I did not go to AAC but i've known ppl who did. The best parts of this college from what i've heard is that it's in an area where there are lots of studios and a few instructors are also...
Posted By GCastro On 24-03-2004 | Views: 1,261 Replies: 3
Excellent! Thanks Darkware, that did it, i had just forgotten about it.

Posted By GCastro On 24-03-2004 | Views: 1,261 Replies: 3
I need some help creating an Engine glow in maya similar to this image:

Spaceship glows (

Hopefully you'll see this Rage, as you actually did it :)...
Posted By GCastro On 22-03-2004 | Views: 540 Replies: 1
Hiya fellas,
I was wondering if anyone here is going to the Maya User Group meeting being held at Gnomon Inc. in LA this thurs. the 25th of March ?

I'll be there, so if you're going let...
Posted By GCastro On 12-11-2003 | Views: 527 Replies: 1
Hey guys,
Wow, i haven't been in a SM challenge in a while! I like this next challenge. We gotta beat our LW cousins :D

Ok, for now, i'm thinking i'm gonna do :edit: Aragorn :edit: ...
Posted By GCastro On 03-09-2003 | Views: 515 Replies: 4
Hey fellow SM members :)

Well, my time at Sony (game cinematics) was short lived :) And I'm now back to looking for work. I learned a lot while I was there, and it was a fun experience. Also...
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