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Posted By HcRev On 26-04-2020 | Views: 117,082 Replies: 64
This solved it :happy::
Posted By HcRev On 20-04-2020 | Views: 117,082 Replies: 64
Looking for a way for nparticles to be driven by a MASH network.

Specifically so that the looping signal node animation can be applied to the particles. Ideally, in the case of having 20 points,...
Posted By HcRev On 22-02-2016 | Views: 2,699 Replies: 2
Thank you cj for the suggestion, think I found it by typing "camera projection maya" in the Digital Tutors (Pluralsight) search box....
Posted By HcRev On 14-02-2016 | Views: 2,699 Replies: 2
Hi All,

I have a plate shot with an iPhone of a building (fig. 01).. There is not much camera action going on apart from a trembling hand so I will be working on a single frame (and add later in...
Posted By HcRev On 28-04-2014 | Views: 1,837 Replies: 1
you might want to try searching for "nparticle falling leaves" on google as it is quite a popular tutorial topic. There are some interesting results and should bring you in the right direction.. you...
Posted By HcRev On 04-04-2013 | Views: 5,055 Replies: 3
To expand on the question providing better examples and more problems!

Hi Society!!

I have been having issues with the viewport renderers in Maya for some time but I now find myself in need of...
Posted By HcRev On 16-12-2012 | Views: 5,055 Replies: 3
I'll stick to your advise.. Although I've been using the HQ viewport because it enables me to preview the layered texture.

Any thoughts for the software renderer?

I was trying to understand...
Posted By HcRev On 16-12-2012 | Views: 5,055 Replies: 3
Scene Description:

The scene is currently made up of:
-A sculpted plane with a layered texture made up of a procedural noise map fed into a remap value color utility (first layer) and a png file...
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