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Posted By RockyMills_01 On 21-01-2014 | Views: 1,794 Replies: 2
Appriciate the feedback. Yeah i do act out the shot and use it for reference.
This is for an exercise where i have to do an action in 2-3 seconds, thats why its so short.

here is an update....
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 18-01-2014 | Views: 1,794 Replies: 2
Hi all,
May I have some feedback on this shot of a guy struggling to open a jar.
This is my second pass, just gone into spline. wanna focus a bit on arcs and overlap next.

Opening a jar BLOCKING...
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 15-10-2013 | Views: 2,226 Replies: 8
Hi guys,
I'll post my final render for this piece, i think in all it came out pretty good :)
Thanks again for the support.

KccL 2013 Animation - 640x480 FINAL on Vimeo...
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 06-10-2013 | Views: 1,652 Replies: 0
Hi all,
I am currently practising render passes and layers and what-not. I created a seperate render layer which will only capture my shadows using the "use background shader" technique.
When I...
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 03-10-2013 | Views: 4,555 Replies: 17
Yeah, I checked out the link. Looking really good and the characters are really unique.
Keep it up bro. I will keep my eye on your progress
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 29-09-2013 | Views: 4,555 Replies: 17
Really cool dude. I wonder what is his story?
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 24-09-2013 | Views: 2,226 Replies: 8
I choose not to add a great reaction to the logo because i thought it would drop too fast and the audience wont have time to read it. However, I added it into my fourth pass...and i must say it the...
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 23-09-2013 | Views: 2,226 Replies: 8
I am looking some feedback for this small animation of my character. Please leave a comment if you spot something. :)

Thanks guys

sc01 sh01 K2013ani POLISHING 03 on Vimeo...
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 14-06-2013 | Views: 1,636 Replies: 3
Thanks guys!!
I tried a couple new techniques to help with timing and stuff.
I will continue to refine my workflow.
Posted By RockyMills_01 On 12-06-2013 | Views: 1,636 Replies: 3
Hi All,
I need some critiques on this Character animation.
Let me know how its working...
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