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Posted By ade90054 On 28-03-2006 | Views: 2,497 Replies: 1
Forum: Programming
Hi all,

Does anybody know of a way to do a "save as copy" much like photoshop does, I want to be able to save my current scene out as a differnt name (like a temp scene name) but remain in the...
Posted By ade90054 On 08-04-2005 | Views: 611 Replies: 0
Hi All,

Does anybody know why I cant see certain types of paint effects brushes in my viewport, i can see most of the 3d ones like grass or leaves but when I draw on my objects with say an...
Posted By ade90054 On 19-11-2004 | Views: 1,115 Replies: 2
The Lightengine3d SSS plugin is quite well know, it's got implememtation for both the standard Maya renderer and support in shader form for Mr.

It's at

It's really nice,...
Posted By ade90054 On 19-11-2004 | Views: 766 Replies: 0
Hi all,

Does anybody know how you can setup a vertex to control the translation of another object, I can't use set driven keys because the vert in question is part of a dynamic mesh and i've tried...
Posted By ade90054 On 12-11-2004 | Views: 1,655 Replies: 1
Hey people,

I've run into a few problems with a simulation i'm running, I have a couple of active Sphere's constrained using springs which in turn are constrained to a passive Sphere, this is then...
Posted By ade90054 On 06-11-2004 | Views: 1,777 Replies: 2
cool, thanks

I found out that if you make a custom swatch Maya saves it in the mayaSwatches folder, so if you wanna distribute your network just include the swatch file too and it'll appear when...
Posted By ade90054 On 05-11-2004 | Views: 1,777 Replies: 2
hi people,

I've just made a shader network and was wondering if is possible to create a custom image for it so that when viewed in the hypershade it's easier to recognise. In other words, get...
Posted By ade90054 On 20-10-2004 | Views: 4,708 Replies: 27
Forum: Finished Work
Love it, nice textures too, only crit would be that the car seems to be floating, maybe you could try using some raytraced shadows with area shadows turned on too help 'ground' the wheels?

Posted By ade90054 On 12-10-2004 | Views: 950 Replies: 14
Framestore, cool :)

If you see one of your new runners about called Karl, make sure you work him to the bone, or comment on how crap he is at darts!! He'll like that :)
Posted By ade90054 On 07-10-2004 | Views: 2,634 Replies: 5
sorry, i should of mentioned that it wasn't the 3d scene that was reflecting in the scene I saw but more of an environment map, kinda like an HDRI but used for seeing reflection in viewport.

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