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Posted By lonepig On 27-03-2006 | Views: 984 Replies: 1
Time to crank Maya up after a forced break.

Instead of something new i've choosen a more vintage car. The 1936 Cord 810 Sedan. Heres the start of the animatic model so I can figure out exactly how...
Posted By lonepig On 09-08-2005 | Views: 894 Replies: 5
Hey Jay, how's the Outpost project coming along mate? Chuffed to bits that you and your colleagues like the model, I am try to do things a bit different from the norm.

More work done on the head,...
Posted By lonepig On 08-08-2005 | Views: 894 Replies: 5
UPDATE: started work on the head

Thanks MainlineX, Shadeblade not for a game in particular just practice.
Posted By lonepig On 08-08-2005 | Views: 894 Replies: 5
Well i've been somewhat busy with life for a while but I'm back in the saddle.

New character, The Madam, trying to improve on my models loops so they can deform and animate better. Aiming for the...
Posted By lonepig On 12-03-2005 | Views: 7,482 Replies: 95
Gorgeous model there m8, stunning renders.
Posted By lonepig On 08-03-2005 | Views: 659 Replies: 0
Well heres hoping I can actually finish one of these things.

As for what type of robot to make....hmmm. Theres lots of good ideas out already, most of them stamp on what I initially thought of...
Posted By lonepig On 06-02-2005 | Views: 3,366 Replies: 32
Hmm people make texturing seam, haha, so easy.

Started to get somewhere at last.
Posted By lonepig On 01-02-2005 | Views: 697 Replies: 6
Use Mozilla Firefox.
Posted By lonepig On 31-01-2005 | Views: 5,467 Replies: 72
Dae I must say I really like your model. Very simple idea executed very well. Looking forward to the finished item. It will be a honor beating you into second place :P.
Posted By lonepig On 30-01-2005 | Views: 643 Replies: 0
Female Elf priestess type person. Aiming for 2.5-3k polys. Head to do, need to take some ref pictures of a friend at work first. Still some optimising to do on the body.

Thoughts and comments...
Showing results 1 to 10 of 383