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Posted By mc-fleury On 11-03-2008 | Views: 38,561 Replies: 176
damn! its been like 1 years old since i last post here but i had to write stg about his eyebrow. ITS sooooo funny lool! you should let that like this! kidding...
Posted By mc-fleury On 25-11-2006 | Views: 3,595 Replies: 35
great stuff so far! i really like those jantes ! the rendr also looks nice! keep it up.
Posted By mc-fleury On 17-10-2006 | Views: 3,128 Replies: 37
WOW! awesome job man. Love the hood so far.

keep it up!
Posted By mc-fleury On 26-09-2006 | Views: 677 Replies: 2
today i tried to log in but it didnt work! then i went to my hitmail to see if simplymaya sent me stg and yes i found stg about my password. it said that my password was changed.

why? i didnt want...
Posted By mc-fleury On 16-09-2006 | Views: 2,403 Replies: 25
looking good but i dont like the color on his shirt. remove that orange color, its UGLY!:P i like how you have made his stick like an hockey stick.

keep it up!
Posted By mc-fleury On 13-09-2006 | Views: 36,689 Replies: 238
ahah! i could see a little and from what i was able to see, it looked good :P

the new screen is much more clear, its coming along very nicely. are you going to add a bump map on it so it looks a...
Posted By mc-fleury On 12-09-2006 | Views: 36,689 Replies: 238
looking good but form my comp, i can see about nothing since its very very dark.
Posted By mc-fleury On 12-09-2006 | Views: 979 Replies: 8
she is so sexy!!!! lookes great so far even with this very simple mesh.
keep it up!
Posted By mc-fleury On 02-09-2006 | Views: 5,210 Replies: 56
its looking good but i dont think you have any chance to win this constest because i saw the work of some people on, im sure you did too, and it looked a lot more realistics and their...
Posted By mc-fleury On 27-08-2006 | Views: 940 Replies: 7
you will not have to completly redo the uvmapping, only the part where the knee is because if you dont, you will have streched textures on the knee part.
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