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Posted By keef On 13-02-2007 | Views: 2,447 Replies: 21
Well Tubby - that's one of the two things I've heard of that can make you blind !!!
Posted By keef On 30-12-2006 | Views: 1,606 Replies: 17
As Kurt says - have a great New Year all.

It's pouring with rain and high gusting winds, here in Edinburgh (so don't look too good for the city centre festivities!!!).

Posted By keef On 23-12-2006 | Views: 1,502 Replies: 11
Forum: Maya Modeling
If you select the imageplane - then look in the Attribute Editor under the Color Balance tab - changing the Alpha Gain from 1.000 to a lower value e.g. 0.350 - this should "straighten" the image....
Posted By keef On 11-12-2006 | Views: 1,401 Replies: 21
I'm really happy for both of you and please add my congratulations to the list....

Here's to a peacefull future.


PS What's the lucky girls name by he way???
Posted By keef On 07-12-2006 | Views: 1,959 Replies: 9

Beveling edges will help give you sepc highlights in your achitectural scene and reder out more convincingly. Like beveling all of the sharp edges on outside window surrounds..... It will...
Posted By keef On 05-12-2006 | Views: 942 Replies: 5

I haven't used anything but Wacom - so can't help with critique of other pen tools. At work I'm using an A3 unit (which would be out of almost everyones price range - if bought new!!). ...
Posted By keef On 03-11-2006 | Views: 1,884 Replies: 6
Just what gster said..... and good luck with keeping the site up to date - it's a big project.
Posted By keef On 17-10-2006 | Views: 2,567 Replies: 37
You asked for it Kurt....

Duckbill platypus gets my vote - it's got the lot: bill, tail, webbed paws, hair (textured wet & dry) !!! Like j5ive says - rhino's are old hat.

Posted By keef On 23-08-2006 | Views: 1,483 Replies: 12

I also have Silver Membership and was (until reading your post) under the illusion that the missing content was an oversight on Autodesk's part.

I've counted to 10 several times - but...
Posted By keef On 26-07-2006 | Views: 757 Replies: 4
Just follow the link below.......
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