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Posted By bccmini247 On 02-11-2015 | Views: 4,468 Replies: 4
Yea, once I posted this thread I found the Auto Mapping.. Incredibly useful!

- bccmini
Posted By bccmini247 On 29-10-2015 | Views: 4,468 Replies: 4
I am making a door, for which is straight, and so should the UV map of the object. However the UV Map is not straight.

Any ideas?
Posted By bccmini247 On 20-10-2015 | Views: 2,100 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
I am creating a room that has multiple door exits. (As shown in screenshot) And I need to export to .obj to use within unity, now this room is made with a box that has been intruded and then...
Posted By bccmini247 On 19-08-2015 | Views: 1,676 Replies: 1
Forum: Maya Modeling
Hey, just opened Maya after a while, and the panel with 'view, shading, lighting, show, renderer, panels' has disappeared. I've been using Maya for a while and have never ran into this problem. (I've...
Posted By bccmini247 On 09-10-2013 | Views: 1,558 Replies: 2
- stwert -
this is what happened stwert thankss!! - bccmini247 -:furious::help::beer:
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