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Posted By Bcurless On 13-11-2020 | Views: 4,880 Replies: 1
Hello, I am trying to create a simulation of falling leaves. I can apply nCloth to a poly plane, adjust the settings,
and get a desired result, but I would like to use a particle system like...
Posted By Bcurless On 10-01-2020 | Views: 19,643 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
Hello, I have a rigged character that is able to be controlled correctly if manipulating the Ctrl Effector directly in the viewport. Doing this automatically changes the values in the Channel Box...
Posted By Bcurless On 01-04-2017 | Views: 2,209 Replies: 7
Sorry for late reply again. Thank you David for the MR video link! Still not sure
about how to set disp map to raw and not srgb. I'll have to do some research on it. Thanks again!

Brandon C.
Posted By Bcurless On 17-03-2017 | Views: 2,209 Replies: 7
Hi Jay sorry for late reply. I usually get an email when someone replies, but not this time for some reason. Thanks for your advice! It holds together a lot better when I import the geo from Mudbox!...
Posted By Bcurless On 14-03-2017 | Views: 2,209 Replies: 7
I am getting a strange result when applying a displacement map made in Mudbox to an object in Maya. All the sides of the object
pop off. Please see 3 pics attached. Any ideas would be great, I am a...
Posted By Bcurless On 11-03-2017 | Views: 8,938 Replies: 0
Hello, I am getting a strange result when plugging*in a Displacement Map(from Mudbox) into a Mental Ray Mia material.*The render show the geometry being raised, but it separates the geometry into...
Posted By Bcurless On 06-03-2017 | Views: 3,374 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
Ah I got it, thanks a lot for the advice! I was able to do it the manual way as you described and then the UV tile mode way. The latter is def easier but it's good to now know both, Thanks again!
Posted By Bcurless On 05-03-2017 | Views: 3,374 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
Hello, I am having a killer time trying to figure out Multi-Tile UVs.
My problem is simple: How do you load a second image/texture
onto the 2nd(3rd, 4th, etc) tile space? I can move the 1st...
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