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Posted By nov2011 On 22-07-2013 | Views: 3,047 Replies: 8
I'm not 100% but I think I eventually just re-installed Maya to fix that..

or before you do that, try deleting that preferences folder or whatever it's called... that one solves about 99% of Maya...
Posted By nov2011 On 07-09-2012 | Views: 1,400 Replies: 2
DD shuts down its Florida studio, CEO resigns...
Posted By nov2011 On 18-05-2012 | Views: 2,465 Replies: 7
Really? Christian Bail almost ruined the movie for me.. see here
The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof - YouTube (
Posted By nov2011 On 11-05-2012 | Views: 2,612 Replies: 5
Forum: Finished Work
The intro is definitely a bit too long - I'd shorten it, but it's looks pretty cool - do you happen to have a tutorial for it? The rotation looks great (like the SFX - you might add some simple...
Posted By nov2011 On 09-05-2012 | Views: 5,417 Replies: 29
Forum: Maya Modeling
I think the overlapping part of the net is too short to bent nicely below the edge of the helmet. Anyways, I don't know how to do this, but it reminded me of something i've seen before:

3D Demo...
Posted By nov2011 On 07-05-2012 | Views: 2,187 Replies: 5
Probably the Premier project isn't set properly. When you open new project make sure you have the same frame rate as in Maya, also resolution and pixels ratio (compare the general setting from...
Posted By nov2011 On 30-04-2012 | Views: 15,793 Replies: 14
Try uninstalling maya completely (apparently there's some crap that sometimes stays in the registry that you might have to remove manually - google complete or clean maya unistall) and when you...
Posted By nov2011 On 27-04-2012 | Views: 839 Replies: 1
Das Handwerk - Werbespot (lange Version) - YouTube (

...great song too, could listen to this for hours:D
Anybody speaks German well enough to...
Posted By nov2011 On 26-04-2012 | Views: 985 Replies: 2
in-game graphics... concept also pretty interesting, a co-op game that you play only with yourself (time travelling and helping your previous attempts)

and best of all.. created by only 2 people...
Posted By nov2011 On 26-04-2012 | Views: 6,656 Replies: 34
looks sweet, i'd move some of the chairs around - looks too neat, too perfect now.
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