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Posted By djb123 On 11-04-2012 | Views: 2,628 Replies: 1
Hi all

Is there anyway of stopping maya adding the filename to the start of the joint name?

e.g. if i have a joint named "hips" and save the scene as say "skeleton" when i open it again the...
Posted By djb123 On 10-04-2012 | Views: 4,956 Replies: 2
Thanks, right you are, I have since discovered it was a naming issue, cheers.
Posted By djb123 On 10-04-2012 | Views: 4,956 Replies: 2
Hi all is there a way to export and import expressions with a scene? I have a skeleton with expressions attached to it, but when i export it whether it be with FBX or any other i try, when i import...
Posted By djb123 On 25-04-2010 | Views: 16,186 Replies: 3
Forum: Programming
anyone have or know where i can get a snap to joints script?

Posted By djb123 On 12-01-2010 | Views: 972 Replies: 3
Fixed it, you have to type in zero, hit enter, then type the frame number you want, strange... thanks everyone
Posted By djb123 On 11-01-2010 | Views: 972 Replies: 3
Hi all.

Im trying to batch render some images but for some reason the end frame is stuck on 10. I can type other numbers into the box but when i hit enter it still goes back to 10. Its the same...
Posted By djb123 On 12-06-2009 | Views: 934 Replies: 2
Forum: Animation
yeah after something at least semi professional, the problem i have with buying a normal mike is that my computer is very noisy due to multiple case fans. Also i would like something that i can take...
Posted By djb123 On 01-06-2009 | Views: 934 Replies: 2
Forum: Animation
I'm looking for a digital recorder to record dialogue for an animation im working on, anyone have any they recommend that aren't hugely expensive?
Posted By djb123 On 09-03-2009 | Views: 1,008 Replies: 6
Hi all I may be missing something very obvious but when i import sound to the timeline i can see the waveform but theres no sound when i playback, ive tried rendering it to an avi and playblasting...
Posted By djb123 On 20-02-2009 | Views: 946 Replies: 1
Forum: Animation
I've tried morphvox and a couple of others but im not happy with them, It looks as though av voice changer is the best I've found ayone got any experience with that program? Or can you suggest any...
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