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Posted By toddster On 01-02-2018 | Views: 3,239 Replies: 3
Hello Lilnyc,
I would model the top flap separately and use a bend deformer (Deform_Nonlinear_Bend) to deal with the curve - you would need a few subdivisions in the mesh to make it bend smoothly....
Posted By toddster On 25-08-2017 | Views: 7,584 Replies: 2
Forum: Animation
Beautiful - is that mental ray?
Posted By toddster On 10-11-2016 | Views: 1,952 Replies: 3
Hi GabrielG
Select the object in the perspective view, then right click over the material in the hypershade and select 'assign material to viewport selection' from the list. If the object remains...
Posted By toddster On 14-10-2016 | Views: 1,875 Replies: 4
I found this very helpful when starting out
Posted By toddster On 15-09-2016 | Views: 3,805 Replies: 3
Hi Malus,
Right click over the remaining plane - Object Mode - then press delete.

Don't give up!
Posted By toddster On 20-07-2016 | Views: 3,708 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
Posted By toddster On 19-07-2016 | Views: 3,413 Replies: 2
Hello Stylow,
Select the face as you have done then Edit Mesh - Extrude, but only use the offset control of the extrude to get the result.
Posted By toddster On 30-06-2016 | Views: 3,708 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
I've recently updated to 2016 and seem to have a recurrent problem when using the smooth mesh preview. Once the '3' key is used, pressing '1' turns the mesh solid green and reverts it's...
Posted By toddster On 03-03-2016 | Views: 1,463 Replies: 2
The problem with your geometry is that you have an uneven amount of axis subdivisions in the original cylinder (if my counting is correct) -25 - you need an even number like 24. It's probably...
Posted By toddster On 08-02-2016 | Views: 5,550 Replies: 5
Forum: Finished Work
Fantastic illustrations
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