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Posted By MainlineX On 01-08-2006 | Views: 2,660 Replies: 35
Heya Peeps,

Maya 8 on the way :) Have a looksee.....
Posted By MainlineX On 13-01-2006 | Views: 50,261 Replies: 428
Heya Jay!:)

Heya, how are you doing? I hope all is well, and compliments for 2006, hope it's a good one for you:)

To the work then..hehe...looking great as always Jay, keep up the fantastic...
Posted By MainlineX On 17-11-2005 | Views: 5,302 Replies: 72
Heya :)

Great start thus far. Will keep an eye on this thread:) Keep it up:)

Posted By MainlineX On 01-11-2005 | Views: 860 Replies: 8
Heya Kevin :)

Good to hear your plans are coming together. Best of luck with the restaurant....Cool name by the way :)

Mills :)
Posted By MainlineX On 01-11-2005 | Views: 1,144 Replies: 14
Nice Nalu! Looking much better, keep it coming :)

Posted By MainlineX On 31-10-2005 | Views: 1,144 Replies: 14
Heya Nalu :)

Good to see ya posting up on the forums.......Coming along nicely indeed, looking forward to seeing it complete. :)

Posted By MainlineX On 27-10-2005 | Views: 4,101 Replies: 30
Whenever I work in Maya I always tend to see what I am working with, if it's a project that requires my full attention then I won't listen to music, but other times I listen to music that is...
Posted By MainlineX On 25-10-2005 | Views: 2,617 Replies: 35
Heya :)

That phone looks awesome! Nice modeling and texturing. Your mouse looks cool aswell. I would second blazer on the feet UV's, other than that, great job overall:) Keep it up!:)

Mills :)
Posted By MainlineX On 25-10-2005 | Views: 7,296 Replies: 100
Howdy Jay :)

Fantastic job as always mate:) You never cease to amaze me. How have you been otherwise? How is work at the Premier going? I been rather busy myself, alot of fun new projects have...
Posted By MainlineX On 10-10-2005 | Views: 2,473 Replies: 3
Heya Phopojijo

You always rig a skeleton before you bind him to your model. You can't paint skin weights unless your character is skinned. :)

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