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Posted By deathwish On 23-02-2014 | Views: 80,657 Replies: 318
Nice work mate, just viewed your progress. Keep it up.
Posted By deathwish On 09-07-2010 | Views: 6,064 Replies: 22
not yet still working on it.
Posted By deathwish On 09-07-2010 | Views: 6,064 Replies: 22
hi guys i seem to be having the same issue with window 7 64bit, it seems its to do with the Codec (mss-1) but there is no deifinitive aswer to this as of yet.
Posted By deathwish On 05-09-2009 | Views: 1,639 Replies: 9
thanks, now i know what the terminology for it was i have found it in te tool setttings. thanks for the info.

and yes it is a nice tool seems a bit more intuative generally and the mental ray side...
Posted By deathwish On 04-09-2009 | Views: 1,639 Replies: 9
guys do any of you have maya 2010, i am stuck on an issue with the verts with poly's. i try to move a single poly and it moves the entire object there is the coloured vret along the edges to show...
Posted By deathwish On 10-08-2009 | Views: 626 Replies: 0
will hopefully finish one of these one day.

i am goign to hopefully get into the inside and model the cockpit also, it is a door on the side.
Posted By deathwish On 09-08-2009 | Views: 1,367 Replies: 12
thanks for your comments guys but going to leave this project now as the poly's have got way too high and i think i have screwed it up so starting another - but hey learning where not to screw up. :D
Posted By deathwish On 28-07-2009 | Views: 1,367 Replies: 12
didnt like the previous one, turning it more into a cross between a dragon and a man at the moment.
Posted By deathwish On 25-07-2009 | Views: 1,367 Replies: 12
not too sure at the moment, any suggestions guys?

not sure how to completely lower the poly count once imported back from zbrush into maya though poly count is insane.
Posted By deathwish On 24-07-2009 | Views: 1,367 Replies: 12
I havent had time to do a lo unfortunately with work taking my time up, not sure if i like the change either at the moment.
Showing results 1 to 10 of 167