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Posted By skyzeyez On 08-09-2005 | Views: 773 Replies: 1
Hi all,
I am working with Maya 5.0 unlimited I am also living in rural Arkansas with the attendant problems of dial up. I am working with a realistic human poligon model and would like to gain some...
Posted By skyzeyez On 24-12-2004 | Views: 617 Replies: 1
Hi everyone! How does one render construction curves, or other types of "non-renderable" scene items, i.e, the grid? I expect that it can be accomplished but the solution has eluded me. I am using...
Posted By skyzeyez On 23-06-2004 | Views: 691 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I have a problem that I am hoping someone will be able to assist in a handling. I have modeled a figure eight and have extruded it. I would like to render the scene...
Posted By skyzeyez On 29-12-2003 | Views: 912 Replies: 3
Forum: Animation
thank you so much Kurt and Mike! This is why I really like this site. You guys rock. You're very helpful. TKU again.
Posted By skyzeyez On 28-12-2003 | Views: 912 Replies: 3
Forum: Animation
okay. I have a character that who's body is modelled in a single mesh, and I want him to pick up a ball and then throw it. Pretty straight forward, right? Wow what an issue though. Do I parent the...
Posted By skyzeyez On 25-10-2003 | Views: 555 Replies: 3
I'm using 5.0. I could really use your input. thanks.
Posted By skyzeyez On 25-10-2003 | Views: 555 Replies: 3
Hi guys,
what is the deal with cloth garments. I ran the simulation and I had really no idea about when to interupt the process. What is a typical local simulation time? Do we need to have a "run...
Posted By skyzeyez On 20-10-2003 | Views: 1,966 Replies: 2
Forum: Animation
Hi gazzamataz,
I've never constructed the head and body as one piece the way you did. I haven't tried to create blend shapes on a single geometry character. I am, however, familiar with the blend...
Posted By skyzeyez On 19-10-2003 | Views: 2,862 Replies: 4
Forum: Animation
Hi Strytus,
I'm familiar with this situation. The quick workaround involves copying the blendshapes that you need to adjust to use them as the base model for the adjustments that you will make on...
Posted By skyzeyez On 14-10-2003 | Views: 603 Replies: 6
I prefer just importing characters to using the reference option for anything that will go through a lot of animation. I prefer to restrict referencing to backgrounds and props.
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