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Posted By tistatos On 11-04-2009 | Views: 4,347 Replies: 2
Display - Animation - IK Handle Size
Posted By tistatos On 18-01-2008 | Views: 8,282 Replies: 46
a real nice guitar, just some picks on certain details :P

the truss rod cover, (the cover on the headstock) a real gibson only has two screws :) but otherwise i like it alot, especially that youve...
Posted By tistatos On 21-10-2007 | Views: 879 Replies: 2
kinddoggofwar : ty for the feedback will try to make some edits and see how it looks..

and im doing maya in school cuz im studying game development :D but at in U.S would be high school level
Posted By tistatos On 20-10-2007 | Views: 879 Replies: 2
got a project in school to create a vehicle and animate it in an enviorment, i choose to make a forumla 1 car.

im using some overlooking source images but it will mostly self design, such as the...
Posted By tistatos On 28-08-2007 | Views: 1,664 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
but i somehow managed to have the same uv map on my body of the guitar

but anyways, so the way to solve it is to convert it to polys?
Posted By tistatos On 28-08-2007 | Views: 1,664 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
hey there, im working on making my guitar in 3d, and ive found a problem, when im trying to texture my subdiv neck the different modes (polygon / standard) has diffrent uvs and when i try to apply...
Posted By tistatos On 06-06-2007 | Views: 883 Replies: 1
hey all!

im working on a school project to make a famous historical person in 3d. i chose einstein and im finishing up on some details. one of the problems i have is that his mental ray cloth...
Posted By tistatos On 18-04-2007 | Views: 942 Replies: 1
Hey all!

im having a problem with mental ray Cloth and i use the same method as Kurt's Tutorial ( ty mate :) ) but when i press play everything starts out nice it tightens up the pants but after a...
Posted By tistatos On 24-02-2007 | Views: 1,724 Replies: 1
well now a ive found a new problem with my maya and when i open hypershade i get this error

Warning: File not found: render_mentalrayTexture.xpm

and time to time i the shaders icon shows...
Posted By tistatos On 24-02-2007 | Views: 1,248 Replies: 3
ok i will try that.. right now im trying to reinstall it again cuz i had some wierd files in the Mentalray folder, i think it was a Skin shader that didnt work.. if the reinstall doesnt work i will...
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