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Posted By greenleaf On 21-11-2006 | Views: 1,969 Replies: 2
Thanks, I'll try rendering this way and change the frame padding setting and see if it makes the difference. I hope it does. It sounds like it might do. I'd heard of the frame padding thing before...
Posted By greenleaf On 20-11-2006 | Views: 596 Replies: 1

<<I posted this in the Technical forum but not sure if it's the right forum and no one has been able to know the answer by the looks of things>>

I have this very strange problem going on...
Posted By greenleaf On 18-11-2006 | Views: 1,969 Replies: 2
I have this very strange problem going on when I render my animation. It has 190 frames and when I render them out to TGA files and open the images in a program like Videomach, the images come out...
Posted By greenleaf On 13-05-2006 | Views: 1,846 Replies: 1

the eyes for my model are not completely spherical but oval shaped. i need to be able to animate the eyeball so that it doesn't tear through the eyelid. does anyone know what setup i need to...
Posted By greenleaf On 13-11-2005 | Views: 5,396 Replies: 4
Thanks guys for your input.

MT yours is a good definition , thanks.
Posted By greenleaf On 06-11-2005 | Views: 5,396 Replies: 4
Can someone explain what the difference is between a 'material' and a 'shader'? I get confused when I read through the books.

Posted By greenleaf On 05-06-2005 | Views: 1,533 Replies: 3
Here is a better explanation and a pic attached to show what I'm trying to achieve.

I'm trying to figure a way where my character is getting up off a rock and have his elbow (and hand possibly)...
Posted By greenleaf On 05-06-2005 | Views: 1,533 Replies: 3
Okay, so I guess what I'm trying to work out is how do you animate hands so that they can be constrained to a table and then when you want to unconstrain them so they move freely with the rest of the...
Posted By greenleaf On 05-06-2005 | Views: 1,160 Replies: 3
Thanks Alan, will see what I can do.


Posted By greenleaf On 04-06-2005 | Views: 1,533 Replies: 3
i have a character lying on a table. how do you get the character to get off the table but still have it's hands on the table, so that the hands aren't immediately following the movement of the rest...
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