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Posted By surfermcd On 04-12-2006 | Views: 818 Replies: 2
Ahhhh rats! Looks like I am not going to have time to do this - too much work on. Sorry doodes!
Posted By surfermcd On 08-11-2006 | Views: 818 Replies: 2
Hmmmmm I have been keeping a quiet eye on the Challenges for quite a while and I have been waaaaaay too busy to participate. I will see how I am for time but I have had this little puppy sitting on...
Posted By surfermcd On 25-11-2005 | Views: 2,879 Replies: 7
Hey all and TA SO MUCH for the great feed back!

magicsy... Good point! Hmmmm I might have to look at modifying the windscreen altho I was kinda basing it off a normal Kawasaki Ninja motor bike.
Posted By surfermcd On 24-11-2005 | Views: 2,879 Replies: 7
I am doing a design for a jet bike and I would really appreciate some feedback. Any feedback is good but don't hesitate to be hard as that is what I need. :D
This is a jet bike and I really...
Posted By surfermcd On 05-11-2005 | Views: 5,723 Replies: 45
Hi Boss!
I think my smart "lets make fairies" comment was kinda taken seriously in the last thread heh heh.
Anyway, here is the question... Does modeling a car qualify??? That is an everyday...
Posted By surfermcd On 03-11-2005 | Views: 7,026 Replies: 116
I think we should make fairies!
Posted By surfermcd On 23-09-2005 | Views: 28,627 Replies: 66
Ta muchley!!!
I love freebies!!!
You guys rock!
Posted By surfermcd On 22-08-2005 | Views: 34,660 Replies: 282
nah man! MSN is of the DEVIL! That means you have to use Internet Exploder too and there aint no way that is gonna mess up my computer. I will stick to email ta!
Posted By surfermcd On 21-08-2005 | Views: 34,660 Replies: 282
whhhhhhhhiiiiiippppsssssssshhhhhhhh! :D
Posted By surfermcd On 20-08-2005 | Views: 34,660 Replies: 282
I stand up for the story boarding. Could be a bit of fun. Ta Boss!
Showing results 1 to 10 of 208