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Posted By alexanderH On 21-04-2009 | Views: 1,077 Replies: 8
Also, why XP 64? You have the beef to handle Vista 64 and considering it is supported by even the little guys now as opposed to XP 64.
On my machine at work we priced out a dual xeon and a new i7....
Posted By alexanderH On 29-01-2009 | Views: 6,147 Replies: 45
ohh hell yes!
I am definitely in this one.
Sweet theme hombre.
Posted By alexanderH On 07-01-2009 | Views: 2,936 Replies: 33
it looks like MAC OS.
Posted By alexanderH On 04-01-2009 | Views: 2,265 Replies: 7
Forum: Finished Work
Lots of neat looking stuff in there but even has someone who's seen and understands the matrix I don't know what you are chasing after here.
I do wonder what is coming though...
Posted By alexanderH On 16-12-2008 | Views: 893 Replies: 3
Output window is a default window that loads with the initialization of the mental ray plug-in. If you don't want it to open up then disable the mental ray plug-in.
Problem solved. Even though the...
Posted By alexanderH On 11-12-2008 | Views: 1,028 Replies: 12
while that article is far too long, and has an awfully boring start I must say that as a kid with a peanut allergy, It sucked going to school when kids were bringing peanuts to class or peanut butter...
Posted By alexanderH On 24-11-2008 | Views: 8,609 Replies: 85
american turkey day is today. Black friday tomorrow. Get with the program acid. and yeah our thanksgiving was a warm one lol.
Posted By alexanderH On 21-10-2008 | Views: 1,041 Replies: 9
gotta love it, disable aero to enhance performance and then some programs lose performance because windows is using less resources... figure that one out.
I had that same problem and didn't know...
Posted By alexanderH On 07-10-2008 | Views: 856 Replies: 6
I thought what better thing to do than post your ridiculous operating system failures.
I got a rather entertaining one today.
Posted By alexanderH On 06-10-2008 | Views: 8,805 Replies: 99
Toes don't look too bad. A little too hard edged if you will.
Also notice the nasty skin between the rear left leg and the body. That just looks wrong.

with the toes I've also noticed some foot...
Showing results 1 to 10 of 450