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Posted By caligraphics On 03-02-2012 | Views: 14,969 Replies: 2
Anything in your scene will add to the render time, but the amount of unused shaders in your scene should be really intense before it can be felt in rendertime. However, it can be seen in your file...
Posted By caligraphics On 05-12-2009 | Views: 3,006 Replies: 23
Hi Monkey,

For me that is a very fun thread to see, since I just did an image with the very same figure at work. I am not allowed to show due to copyrights atm tho..

But great to see that you...
Posted By caligraphics On 08-08-2009 | Views: 2,030 Replies: 2
The settings for the shader for the water/transparant surface is much more interesting .. this is where stuff can go wrong..
Posted By caligraphics On 05-04-2009 | Views: 1,422 Replies: 3

There is no final answer for your questions. However I can give you a few inputs on how to attack the problems.

Note, I am by no means an expert on nCloth, but I have used a few times to...
Posted By caligraphics On 26-05-2008 | Views: 2,488 Replies: 22
I usually start in zbrush, then retopo it in silo and ends up in Maya.
Posted By caligraphics On 26-05-2008 | Views: 2,135 Replies: 16
My immidiate idea to create this, would be:

half a sphere with thickness
add the small spheres as objects around the edges ehere the big sphere has been cut in half.
add all the small spheres...
Posted By caligraphics On 11-05-2008 | Views: 1,600 Replies: 17
One thing I have learned after switching to Mac, is that the money you spend extra on a mac is well worth in time you use to reinstall windows XP. Also the resell value of a PC is equal to zero while...
Posted By caligraphics On 11-05-2008 | Views: 720 Replies: 1
do you have more than one version of Maya installed ?

i.e. maya 2008 & 8.5, because then it might be trying to render a 2008 scene with the 8.5 batch renderer
Posted By caligraphics On 24-09-2007 | Views: 12,793 Replies: 146
Excellent stuff :)
Posted By caligraphics On 22-12-2006 | Views: 2,414 Replies: 2
its very hard to tell what is happening. Try to post your mb file .. maybe that can help us help you..
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