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Posted By sifidis On 12-05-2019 | Views: 1,858 Replies: 0
how can i create e red text with metal outline?
Posted By sifidis On 02-09-2015 | Views: 1,091 Replies: 0
i'm importing an obj.file i exported via poser pro, a dog figure. i select the whole figure and apply 'fur'. it doesn't work neither in vray nor in mental ray, what am i doing wrong?
Posted By sifidis On 29-10-2014 | Views: 1,424 Replies: 1
this is kinda tricky...

how can i import a movie i rendered in Poser as 'sketch' without any background but only the figure, e.g. walking?

does this have to do with render settings in Poser?
Posted By sifidis On 27-09-2014 | Views: 1,771 Replies: 1
i set the keys, it shows fine in playblast.

what next?

how can i export it in a movie? (with my settings)
Posted By sifidis On 30-07-2014 | Views: 1,188 Replies: 0
is it possible to import a movie rendered as sketch in poser so as to composite it in maya with a background pic? below, i'm posting a frame i did with photoshop. if yes, how can i do it? i don't...
Posted By sifidis On 22-01-2014 | Views: 1,654 Replies: 1
i created a 2-colour ramp shade. how can i assign blinn together with the ramp?

is v-ray compatible with the 2-shaded object?

in other words, i wanna create a shiny object with 2 colours...
Posted By sifidis On 22-11-2012 | Views: 1,930 Replies: 1
i assigned a blinn for both images below:

with mental ray

and with vray
Posted By sifidis On 06-11-2012 | Views: 2,570 Replies: 1
the system renders fur only with mental ray. which setting must be changed?
Posted By sifidis On 27-10-2012 | Views: 1,582 Replies: 3
are both needed for different rendering needs or is vray more powerful for all purposes?
Posted By sifidis On 02-06-2012 | Views: 1,176 Replies: 4
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