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Posted By se7enhedd On 13-02-2022 | Views: 2,581 Replies: 0

What would be the best way of linking two cameras together so that one mirrors the movements of the other?

So far, I've tried connecting the translate and rotate values from cam1 (the...
Posted By se7enhedd On 11-06-2021 | Views: 2,245 Replies: 0
Forum: Maya Modeling

I've recently been trying out Marvelous Designer and have pleasing results taking the garment from there to Substance Painter for texturing.

The UVs are good, coming from the MD pattern....
Posted By se7enhedd On 06-01-2021 | Views: 6,480 Replies: 0

I have this model UV'd and with texture/spec maps from Substance Painter. I'm pretty happy with how close I've got the maps to look in Maya using just a Blinn and a few lights.
I need a...
Posted By se7enhedd On 01-06-2017 | Views: 4,769 Replies: 0
I attempting to incorporate some simple nCloth into a large-ish scene. I'm new to it but know about the disparity in working units (nCloth always works in 1 unit=1 meter) and that the space scale...
Posted By se7enhedd On 16-04-2017 | Views: 7,049 Replies: 5
ha! yes everything's very different there, all for the better though I think. And I find the multi-colour checker gives a good indication of the seams.
All over 2017 update 3 is worth the plunge :D
Posted By se7enhedd On 12-04-2017 | Views: 7,049 Replies: 5
HI Gen,

sorry for the late response - I had no email notif. of your reply.

it doesn't seem to work the same in 2017 update 3 - the borders appear bold in the UV space, but not on the model in...
Posted By se7enhedd On 02-04-2017 | Views: 7,049 Replies: 5

A real simple question to which I hope there's a simple solution! I've been trying out the new UV tools in 2017, which I'm liking a lot, but I'm bugged by the fact that I can't see the UV...
Posted By se7enhedd On 02-02-2016 | Views: 2,599 Replies: 7
hey guys - errm.. I've suddenly discovered all my image plane nodes in the hypershade under the camera tab. I must've missed them as I was so concerned with checking the actual cameras and trying to...
Posted By se7enhedd On 31-01-2016 | Views: 2,599 Replies: 7
Clicked 'create' under 'environment' in the camera attributes tab, and then loaded an image file in the image plane attributes,

Then, assigned a lambert to my geometry, created a file node (as...
Posted By se7enhedd On 29-01-2016 | Views: 2,599 Replies: 7
No it's not in the AE - not in its own tab anyway. I can see the create button under 'environment ' in the camera shape AE, but clicking on the little connection arrow does nothing.
It's not in the...
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