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Posted By louis56 On 08-12-2008 | Views: 2,013 Replies: 23
Ubuntu FTW
Posted By louis56 On 27-10-2008 | Views: 21,082 Replies: 127
Yay someone here likes mars volta :D
Posted By louis56 On 26-10-2008 | Views: 21,082 Replies: 127
Dont laugh at mine. I was on my way to a mars volta concert so I was high on life. I touched Cedrics haiirr!!! :)
Posted By louis56 On 25-10-2008 | Views: 1,400 Replies: 7
Am I going to make a joke out of the title for this thread? I'll let someone else do it :p
Posted By louis56 On 24-10-2008 | Views: 2,736 Replies: 44

the electronics i was talking about was a microphone and radio. And neither worked lol. I'm gonna stick with programming; with that there's always ctrl + z.

Can you post pics of what the...
Posted By louis56 On 09-10-2008 | Views: 10,712 Replies: 110
Brilliant. Utterly Mesmerizing Perfection

Decode it ^
Posted By louis56 On 06-10-2008 | Views: 926 Replies: 4

A tax on farts to cut methane emissions??!! I'm sure that will benefit the nations farming industry. About the only...
Posted By louis56 On 22-09-2008 | Views: 1,989 Replies: 7
Its not really 3D. Its more like 2D drawings of perspectives.
Posted By louis56 On 14-09-2008 | Views: 1,528 Replies: 19
I'm an insomniac in the sense that I can't GET to sleep. When i finally get to sleep, I sleep like a gummy bear in hibernation. I usually go to bed at 11 and fall asleep around 1-2.

Posted By louis56 On 24-08-2008 | Views: 1,167 Replies: 10
Agh that song! I have nightmares from year 3 music.
Showing results 1 to 10 of 344