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Posted By IMG4 On 23-12-2005 | Views: 20,621 Replies: 234
woa! a ghost pinball machine :blush:
seriously nice render mate but, you should change the couch color
Posted By IMG4 On 01-11-2005 | Views: 1,189 Replies: 14
nice i love it, but your tank look to have way to much rockets, the bradley supposed to have only two i think

btw how do you get those smooth shadows?
Posted By IMG4 On 14-10-2005 | Views: 4,160 Replies: 16
and dont forget to delete the hidden poly to lower your polycount
Posted By IMG4 On 13-10-2005 | Views: 4,160 Replies: 16
heres a Battlefield 2 polycount guide line:

but in racing game the polycount will be higer because the environment dont need much details
Posted By IMG4 On 14-09-2005 | Views: 1,189 Replies: 10
Hey folks!
i got a little render problem, when i'm rendering my scene i got nice shadow and thats cool, but i want that the edge of my shadow be smooth
until i have a poor english i create a nice...
Posted By IMG4 On 07-09-2005 | Views: 1,027 Replies: 4
Forum: Maya Modeling
sorry to take back this thread from the old days but i have a problem, after clicking on ''Optimize Scene'' i still get those transform in the outline, i try delete the history but they dont wanna go...
Posted By IMG4 On 06-09-2005 | Views: 790 Replies: 0
okay, so here i am :attn:
first challenge over here, i'm gonna take the main character of ''RoboWarrior''
RoboWarrior Cartridge (
Posted By IMG4 On 10-07-2005 | Views: 695 Replies: 0
Hi folks :D,

I got a question, their is anyway to add some texture to a model in Maya, then export it to 3D Studio Max and keep the mapping texture?

Thx for your help :D :beer:
Posted By IMG4 On 11-03-2005 | Views: 2,077 Replies: 3
Yes you can :) (not sure for the *.lwo) you only need to go in the Plug-in manajer (Window > Setting/Preferences > Plug-in Manager) and check objExporter.lib

IMG4. :rambo:
Posted By IMG4 On 11-02-2005 | Views: 787 Replies: 5
if you want a tip form a mac guy (me) to another mac guy (you ;) ) buy a 3 button mouse :)

if you want a apple desing mouse here's one
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