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Posted By sampson01 On 12-01-2021 | Views: 3,837 Replies: 2
Thanks for the info David. No problem really anyway, just convenience. I can use google chrome instead. Good to be back btw... been working... a lot! lol. Time is a precious commodity.
Posted By sampson01 On 09-01-2021 | Views: 3,837 Replies: 2
I was just wondering if you had plans to make the tut vids available on Safari?
Posted By sampson01 On 18-11-2018 | Views: 8,507 Replies: 5
Just wanted to say hey David. It's been awhile since I've been on here but I miss you guys and working in Maya. Unfortunately my job keeps me away and I look forward to when I can start being on here...
Posted By sampson01 On 22-05-2017 | Views: 11,674 Replies: 5
Been laying out UVs. Anxious to get on with it although I think UVing can be quite relaxing sometimes. ...onward.
Posted By sampson01 On 09-05-2017 | Views: 11,674 Replies: 5
Almost finished with the modeling. Been taking my time. This may sound crazy but for as long as I have been using Maya, I never had an organized Outliner. I didn't understand the (simple) concept of...
Posted By sampson01 On 07-05-2017 | Views: 5,963 Replies: 8
Forum: Finished Work
Looks good. Actually like the logos at the bottom! Makes it look "official" IMO. lol
Posted By sampson01 On 07-05-2017 | Views: 11,674 Replies: 5
Here is what I am currently working on. Excited to get into the rigging part. I've rigged a few characters in the past but never used IK. That's what I am really looking forward to. Thanks David for...
Posted By sampson01 On 09-03-2017 | Views: 10,060 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
Quad draw is really good for retopo in Maya. Not sure which version of Maya you have but the poly tools are in Maya 2016 and even 2015 i think.
Posted By sampson01 On 01-03-2017 | Views: 63,380 Replies: 63
Hey Kurt. Just wanted to say how nice these models are and very inspiring. I learned Maya from watching your tuts (the orc head, haunted house, franky, etc...) and have since started learning Zbrush...
Posted By sampson01 On 01-03-2017 | Views: 3,300 Replies: 1
Forum: Maya Modeling
Is this a NURB or polygon? If it's a polygon then just combine the two pieces under the mesh tab i think it is and then merge verts.
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