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Posted By Gun-Kata On 09-08-2005 | Views: 751 Replies: 2
Forum: Animation

I am animating some subD hands which just aren't deforming properly. I have tried repainting the weights many times and using influence objects but neither of them produces sufficiently...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 20-07-2005 | Views: 445 Replies: 0

I've been at this for months and no matter what I try I simply cannot get rid of a striping pattern produced by the ocean shader on the ocean's surface when viewed from far away:
Posted By Gun-Kata On 07-07-2005 | Views: 1,450 Replies: 1

I am rendering some paint FX vegetation and its corresponding shadows in a separate pass which I will later composite onto a background plate. The paint FX vegetation pass works fine until...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 23-06-2005 | Views: 1,452 Replies: 0

I'm getting this weird problem when I try to do a batch render. The first few hundred frames will render out ok, and then a few frames will start showing up completely dark except for a weird...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 02-06-2005 | Views: 2,272 Replies: 1
I am going through the Learning Maya 5 book on Rendering and it says on page 310:

If you have no "Create mental ray Nodes" tab in your Hypershade, you have to add an environment variable to...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 27-05-2005 | Views: 670 Replies: 1
So far I've been using the Maya's hardware renderer because that's the default one I think. But what are the pros and cons of the other renderers? Should I stick to one, or should I use different...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 25-05-2005 | Views: 1,014 Replies: 1

I am doing a lighting tutorial and it says to create a Point or Spot Light, then go to the Attribute Editor and scroll down to the mental ray section. However, I can find no such section in...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 10-05-2005 | Views: 954 Replies: 2
Hi everybody,

Thanks for the tips on the alpha channel for the paint FX- it's finally working. There seems to be some problem with the paint FX shadows though. Things look ok when everything's...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 09-05-2005 | Views: 2,557 Replies: 9

Thanks for the tips! The image i'm trying to get is of an island with some vegetation on it. I did the vegetation with Paint FX and I was just simply unable to get a good alpha of just the...
Posted By Gun-Kata On 08-05-2005 | Views: 2,557 Replies: 9

I am trying to render some foreground stuff in a separate pass so I can later composite it into the background, but the edges in the alpha channel aren't sharp enough, resulting in a blurry...
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