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Posted By DanaScully On 10-06-2005 | Views: 626 Replies: 1
a little somehting i'm working on.
quick pic...more later =)
COmments and crits very welcome~
Posted By DanaScully On 20-05-2005 | Views: 627 Replies: 1
i want to buy a new video card....
right now the best bang for the buck cards are:
ati's x800xl
nvidia's 6800gt

Here are some links to the specs...
what do you guys think?
I want...
Posted By DanaScully On 18-05-2005 | Views: 4,875 Replies: 19
Forum: Finished Work
i ahev to say this is amazing work.
can't wait til i get to this level =)

IMO this background works a whole Lot better because of the lighting and the way your bike is.
excellent work dude!
Posted By DanaScully On 09-05-2005 | Views: 4,597 Replies: 32
wow seriously dude u are da shizzle :-D
Great stuff.....hope you do everything safely.
Do you want to go into doing stunts professionally?
it'd be cool if we see a movie in the future with you in...
Posted By DanaScully On 08-05-2005 | Views: 689 Replies: 1
here is a little something that my professor gave me, though it might interest some people.

Animex Student Animation Awards 20066 -- Calling for Entries!

Support this year's...
Posted By DanaScully On 08-05-2005 | Views: 1,489 Replies: 9
well small update not much since this is the last weekend of freedom i have since i start school again on monday and tmorrow is mothers day.
BTW....was trying to play around with mental ray and I...
Posted By DanaScully On 07-05-2005 | Views: 1,489 Replies: 9
yea the ref im using is another model.....found it on
the bad part is that they are not like evenly distanced so I have to play around with them so that things look proportionate.
Posted By DanaScully On 06-05-2005 | Views: 1,489 Replies: 9
thanks dude, i wish you the same :)
This is definately a fun project.

Funny story....i was yearning to find good reference pictures......although my air headedness contrbuted to me forgetting...
Posted By DanaScully On 05-05-2005 | Views: 1,489 Replies: 9
well with the ideas that i have for this little dude....texturing might get more complicated than what i can hadle.
Posted By DanaScully On 05-05-2005 | Views: 2,529 Replies: 8
Forum: Finished Work
wow I love this guy (and I LOVE magoes :D)
Dude absolutely great job on this dude, has awesome character and style.
Oh and....the king lives....he's on vacation :P
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