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Posted By SwatSnipe On 16-02-2017 | Views: 8,534 Replies: 1
Trying out a render, i think i will have to rework the teeth. The model is fine, but the texture and overall feel is kind of bad i think
Posted By SwatSnipe On 09-01-2017 | Views: 8,347 Replies: 10
Ah, thanks for the tip man! Btw, i'm also doing a Crocodile now. But i have no idea how to shade it. Would you go for a sss material or just a normal shader there? I'm thinking of blending a sss and...
Posted By SwatSnipe On 09-09-2016 | Views: 8,347 Replies: 10
Feel free to post your own skin shading results here. I want to make it a wip/tip thread. I'm working on more models that i will put up here :)
Posted By SwatSnipe On 24-06-2016 | Views: 8,347 Replies: 10
I did a small facial rigg. I know my animation skills sucks *** but i will try to put more time into it now that i got a rigg
Posted By SwatSnipe On 23-06-2016 | Views: 8,347 Replies: 10
Here's a small update. I fixed the higlights on the weird edges and also toned down the SSS. Added a eye and put on a texture
Posted By SwatSnipe On 18-06-2016 | Views: 8,347 Replies: 10
Got tired of working on the same model and tried out som hair for a model of Leoric from Diablo. At the moment i'm using the skull scan from 3dscanstore (before making my own just to see how it works...
Posted By SwatSnipe On 08-06-2016 | Views: 8,347 Replies: 10
Yeah, lowered the sss quite a bit. I do, cause i need a gloss map :) this is basicly a raw render without that many maps
Posted By SwatSnipe On 06-06-2016 | Views: 32,509 Replies: 28
Ah, that's true! I got a bathroom scene here on simply maya which is kind of ok. Nothing like yours tho. I have been to busy making characters and skin shaders for em trying to get a beliveable result
Posted By SwatSnipe On 06-06-2016 | Views: 8,347 Replies: 10
Another shot from the side
Posted By SwatSnipe On 06-06-2016 | Views: 32,509 Replies: 28
Wow! Amazingly done! Wish i could do such realistic indoor shots :)
Showing results 1 to 10 of 183