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Posted By Gvbbo On 18-06-2007 | Views: 748 Replies: 3
thanks, yeah i really like challenges to learn a bit, but this thing is needed very soon, and there aint goos models to a good price arnd so i guess il have to try it anyways, lets see how it come...
Posted By Gvbbo On 16-06-2007 | Views: 748 Replies: 3
hello there, i have to model a crab for a project but i have no idea how to go abt it, i have modeled mostly architecture, and organics scare me, so any advice on how to go abt it? references?...
Posted By Gvbbo On 09-05-2007 | Views: 662 Replies: 3
oh so theres no soultion??...damn...well tnks;)
Posted By Gvbbo On 09-05-2007 | Views: 662 Replies: 3
hi, im having some problems with the dgs_material, i render it and looks ok, but when i save the file the alpha channel is all messed up, and the image is all cuted, any ideas on how to save it so it...
Posted By Gvbbo On 21-03-2006 | Views: 993 Replies: 2
maybe try to convert paint effects to polygons
Posted By Gvbbo On 17-03-2006 | Views: 1,777 Replies: 16
ah whats Vue?:bandit:
Posted By Gvbbo On 14-03-2006 | Views: 827 Replies: 2
upas wrong thread, sorry
Posted By Gvbbo On 11-03-2006 | Views: 917 Replies: 12
couldnt find, but the thing is yeah is really frustating, and well 16 is kinda easy, i sometimes need like 50-100, so thats why i really need to b able to duplicate them and find a way to change the...
Posted By Gvbbo On 06-03-2006 | Views: 917 Replies: 12
hey i didnt write stupid.... stupd is a word i use for.... something else!... so ur insulting me??... ha... Just kiddin.... tnks Mirek... yeah i guess it takes lot of time, and i want to learn so...
Posted By Gvbbo On 24-02-2006 | Views: 917 Replies: 12
ok ill search for that option... u see im really, really new to maya... well maybe not that new but im very stupd so i take my time to learn stuff ;)
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