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Posted By Fess On 10-05-2007 | Views: 1,095 Replies: 0
Forum: Maya Modeling
Hello everyone,

To complete a current project, I'm modeling this Egyptian Lamp (

Note the chain which extends from the handle to the...
Posted By Fess On 29-04-2007 | Views: 3,396 Replies: 2
No, it was just Nurbs. Doing the oliphant tutorial.

I found that if I deleted history on the object, the verts were unlocked. Weird....

Posted By Fess On 28-04-2007 | Views: 3,396 Replies: 2

I've finally got some time to do some modeling.

When I tweak some vertices, go back to object mode, then later come back to cv mode, I'm unable to move the control vertices.
Posted By Fess On 16-03-2007 | Views: 1,818 Replies: 1
I've just began to have the same problem since I installed another shader.

I took the shader out & I'm still getting the same warning

Warning: File not found: render_mentalrayTexture.xpm
Posted By Fess On 13-03-2007 | Views: 1,131 Replies: 8
Seems AfterEffects has a problem with mentelray format .rla because AE crashes when I try to import the .rla rendered with mentalray.

If I render out .rla in the software render, I can import it...
Posted By Fess On 10-03-2007 | Views: 1,131 Replies: 8
Yeah, I was pretty happy to see my "Z Depth" channel......

but then i said to myself "What the hell do I do with this thing". :confused:

I'm using AfterEffects, if you've got any info on how...
Posted By Fess On 10-03-2007 | Views: 1,131 Replies: 8
I'm on Maya 8 this is how I got a Zdepth channel (might be different for 7 or 6)

As a simple test just create a sphere, & duplicate it in a line of around 20 spheres.
Posted By Fess On 06-03-2007 | Views: 1,131 Replies: 8

Good question.....
I was wondering the same darn thing.
And yes, I've done the same mission as you, searching tons of threads & tutorials.
Its times like this when I wished I learned...
Posted By Fess On 24-10-2006 | Views: 3,298 Replies: 12
Forum: Finished Work
THX1138, Nightz........thanks for the feedback.


that avatar had me laughing for a good 40 seconds :lmao:......good one!

Yeah, I agree that the animation is lacking... but again, ...
Posted By Fess On 21-10-2006 | Views: 3,298 Replies: 12
Forum: Finished Work

Thanks for the feedback. :cool:

Great job on the tumbler you working on.
How did you do the threading on the tires, displacment map?

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