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Posted By DJbLAZER On 05-02-2011 | Views: 4,854 Replies: 18
Hey dude. Yes, still Maxwell, version 2.5's new interactive render is awesome.
Posted By DJbLAZER On 04-02-2011 | Views: 4,854 Replies: 18
So... I'm back after alomst two years :)

The textures are done, now on to the materials. (
Posted By DJbLAZER On 21-12-2010 | Views: 12,709 Replies: 64
Map BEFORE, then smooth. There are some options when smoothing, like if you want preserve geometry borders, hard edges etc. play with that.
Posted By DJbLAZER On 01-09-2009 | Views: 2,634 Replies: 5
Forum: Finished Work
Hehe nice one... he looks like he's made of rubber though, but maybe that's intentional?
Posted By DJbLAZER On 28-08-2009 | Views: 40,243 Replies: 176
The eyes shouldn't be aligned with the grid, that's why he look crossed eyed. Human eyes are rotated outwards about 3 degrees.
Posted By DJbLAZER On 01-07-2009 | Views: 9,409 Replies: 70
Really nice! How the hell do you know where to place all those parts and how the look? Are you a car mechanics of some sort?
Posted By DJbLAZER On 21-06-2009 | Views: 7,883 Replies: 75
Nice work...

A tip: Don't use nearest neighbour when you resize the images - that's why the edges are jagged. Use bilenear or bicubic filtering.

Or maybe you rendered it out with very low...
Posted By DJbLAZER On 12-06-2009 | Views: 4,825 Replies: 46
Really? 640x480 looks like a stamp on my 1920x1200 resolution ;)
Posted By DJbLAZER On 11-06-2009 | Views: 4,825 Replies: 46
Lighting loopk good, but the tiles on the floor should be a lot smaller, or use another texture.
Posted By DJbLAZER On 10-06-2009 | Views: 3,775 Replies: 29
I mean the part outside those round things.
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