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Posted By dgarcia On 06-05-2006 | Views: 748 Replies: 0
Does Maya 7 ultimate have LOD/parametric modeling capabilities installed?
Posted By dgarcia On 27-04-2006 | Views: 1,116 Replies: 2
I have two questions:

My glow effects (called within the blinn shader node) flicker over time in my animation. I've read somewhere that it's due to autoexposure being on. So, how do I turn it off?...
Posted By dgarcia On 19-04-2006 | Views: 1,420 Replies: 1
I'm having some problems with transparency/raytracing/backface culling.

First, if I have a paint effect, let's say, on a NURBS surface,
it won't render behind a transparent blinn mat'l unless...
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