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Posted By brentlydavis On 06-10-2006 | Views: 1,158 Replies: 3
Posted By brentlydavis On 23-09-2006 | Views: 1,158 Replies: 3
I am looking to composite a bloody teardrop over live-action footage. Any suggestions out there that might be helpfull. Thank You.
Posted By brentlydavis On 19-07-2006 | Views: 838 Replies: 4
Looks very good. I would only suggest, maybe don't have such a harsh transition from the gut to the.... part of the horse just below the gut. if you rounded that a bit more it would look more...
Posted By brentlydavis On 02-06-2006 | Views: 811 Replies: 5
Much more work on it. Thank goodness buissiness is slow today. I really think its going to look good. Need a bit more attention on the fins and mouth.
Posted By brentlydavis On 02-06-2006 | Views: 811 Replies: 5
Its really a toss up.
Posted By brentlydavis On 02-06-2006 | Views: 811 Replies: 5
I've still got the bug from shark week, so I'm going to try and create the one thing man fears the most, Yet can't get close enough to. Wish me luck This is a very early stage pic. Lots to do yet,...
Posted By brentlydavis On 30-05-2006 | Views: 21,914 Replies: 154
I'm from the USA (Minnesota). And currently reside in Little Canada.
Posted By brentlydavis On 21-04-2006 | Views: 764 Replies: 2
Looks pretty good. I agree the particles could use some work. It doesn't so much look like fire right now. It actually looks more like a smoky - gas substance. still cool but I don't think its...
Posted By brentlydavis On 12-04-2006 | Views: 983 Replies: 6
looks good. although the stereotypical american house that I grew up in had more of a roof over the whole thing. I'm just messin with you. It looks like a really good start. naturally needs some...
Posted By brentlydavis On 28-03-2006 | Views: 2,673 Replies: 16
Forum: Finished Work
A Matte painting would work really good.

I might of missed this but how did you make the Tornadoes, Maya fluids? They look really good and are composited to a near perfection. I would only say...
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