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Posted By patrickm On 28-10-2003 | Views: 1,559 Replies: 3
Forum: Animation
Also of importance is the "keep keys at current frames" option box. If you check this and then reset your FPS your keys will remain where you put them ie: a key at frame 20 will stay at frame 20. If...
Posted By patrickm On 27-10-2003 | Views: 1,217 Replies: 1
Forum: Animation
Ok here's the problem: When I want to create a clip in the trax editor and transfer the animation to another character with the same attributes in their character set it'll work fine. The problem...
Posted By patrickm On 14-08-2003 | Views: 678 Replies: 3
I found a solution in the form of a MEL script from highend3D:

it's called FileTextureManager and it works for me in 5.0

Cheers all
Posted By patrickm On 13-08-2003 | Views: 678 Replies: 3
This may seem like a rookie question, but how do force Maya to copy all your texture files along with your scene file into a new project? A character for instance has a number of tecture files...
Posted By patrickm On 23-10-2002 | Views: 1,951 Replies: 2
Forum: Maya Modeling
I want to constrain some objects to another object's surface. Specifically laces to a boot. What I want is for the the laces to follow the surface as it deforms due to its skinning. The geometry...
Posted By patrickm On 03-10-2002 | Views: 2,473 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
I am setting up my character for facial animation and I am having trouble solving what I think ought to be a simple problem. The head is modelled with polygons and I want to be able to create some...
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