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Posted By jramauri On 04-02-2007 | Views: 4,360 Replies: 18
Thanks acid44. There goes my final images, unless someone has some crits to do.

My uvs and color maps. On second map there's some empty spaces, cause I had intention to make more elements for this...
Posted By jramauri On 27-01-2007 | Views: 4,360 Replies: 18
99GsTurbo: Thanks man, I'm very glad with this!

swankymonkey: Hi Dave! there's a long time since my last post here. I hope everythig is going well with you. I learned a lot of things during last...
Posted By jramauri On 26-01-2007 | Views: 4,360 Replies: 18
Thanks for your comments guys, and sorry for delay on answer.

There goes some rigging I did, as well as the weapon's texture. Pose is provisional, I'll think in something better later. And...
Posted By jramauri On 25-01-2007 | Views: 8,978 Replies: 62
Things are going well, thanks :) You could have commented my Hindu god there. Your opinions are always welcome.
I'm looking forward for your beard updates.
Posted By jramauri On 20-01-2007 | Views: 15,412 Replies: 155
You can merge all pieces in one single. And this piece will be intersecting with the body. No problems.
Anyway, as I said it's just an idea, and can be improved.
Posted By jramauri On 20-01-2007 | Views: 15,412 Replies: 155
I think modeling clothes after posing will give twice more work then modeling them on T pose. And will be more difficult for you to determine how they will behave. If it was my model, I would model...
Posted By jramauri On 20-01-2007 | Views: 8,978 Replies: 62
Looking good Si. It seems that the beard will be a real challenge to do...
Posted By jramauri On 16-01-2007 | Views: 8,020 Replies: 77
It happens to me too. In general, my threads don't attract much attention, even if my work is geting good, like my Tesse model. Patience. If people don't want to talk about, we can't force them. Just...
Posted By jramauri On 15-01-2007 | Views: 8,020 Replies: 77
It's a pitty that you're getting too few replies. Your model is really good. I'm looking forward to see your work with textures and rig. :)
Posted By jramauri On 13-01-2007 | Views: 4,360 Replies: 18
There goes a new version of her eyes. More human and sexy, but still dark and evil.
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