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Posted By alexgc On 09-10-2003 | Views: 4,203 Replies: 44
Love the concept! - Have high expectations of ur final piece now :D
Posted By alexgc On 09-10-2003 | Views: 4,199 Replies: 45
Looks great!

I laughed so much as i scrolled down the previous page and saw each stage that u posed ur model. Very expressive. I look like that at times, I can tell u :)

Look forward to seeing...
Posted By alexgc On 09-10-2003 | Views: 1,198 Replies: 6
welcome to SM m8. Im sure all here will do their best, not only to make u feel welcome, but also to help u improve ur skills.

As for ur picture, im afraid the link seems broken. Try uploading it...
Posted By alexgc On 09-10-2003 | Views: 5,795 Replies: 30
Forum: Finished Work
Creature Comforts it is called...he made several animations for tv adverts over here, really cool stuff.

Nick Park is working on a new Wallace and Gromt film as well ;)
Posted By alexgc On 12-07-2003 | Views: 1,053 Replies: 12
hehehe football "discussions"....:confused:

Kewell was always going to opt for Liverpool, He'd been talking to them for six months! Lets be honest, he was afraid...he was afraid that at Arsenal...
Posted By alexgc On 27-05-2003 | Views: 1,594 Replies: 14
hehe bel looking good...nice and bright and colourful. Im going to have a look at ur trailer a little later today.

With regard to the skin tone...I agree with u about the use of a human skin...
Posted By alexgc On 23-05-2003 | Views: 1,346 Replies: 21
feel for u man...We've all been there

Stick the incremental save on

Its a Godsend when Windows becomes that evil bastard son of a bitch it can be lol

Either that or just remember to save at...
Posted By alexgc On 21-05-2003 | Views: 493 Replies: 1
Anyone know where i can download an Academy Leader?

have been searching furiously for some but to no avail

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


For those not in the know, an...
Posted By alexgc On 19-05-2003 | Views: 834 Replies: 7
yup Polygons>Combine

u might also want to merge vertices or edges in order to cover any unsightly seams
Posted By alexgc On 19-05-2003 | Views: 979 Replies: 11
about 17...


yeah it has been quiet...I wouldnt say that ive lost interest but i havent really been upto touching maya for the past couple of weeks. Im all worn out mentally. I...
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