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Posted By ChadJKosch On 01-01-2018 | Views: 99,363 Replies: 168
Well, not exactly new but more an on and off guy here on SimplyMaya. lol That aside, HELLO! I'm Chad. Currently living in the Sumner Washington area and hoping to just delve deep into the awesomeness...
Posted By ChadJKosch On 01-01-2018 | Views: 2,340 Replies: 1
So, I've been working with normal maps and (GOD, DO I LOVE THEM) as they can help so much when you want to create a high poly look on a low poly model. But I am having trouble with one thing.......
Posted By ChadJKosch On 04-03-2016 | Views: 5,940 Replies: 8
Long live the Dark Lady! Love this dude! Sylvanas is my favorite Lore Character right next to Keal'thas Sunstrider. :D Though, I often favor her more. ;)
Posted By ChadJKosch On 03-03-2016 | Views: 1,598 Replies: 2
It does, thanks. :D
Posted By ChadJKosch On 03-03-2016 | Views: 1,598 Replies: 2
Howdy guys!

I need a bit of help with a geometry issue which I've never really asked about but you'd think I'd know a solution to. I am working on a circular table and for the most part it looks...
Posted By ChadJKosch On 27-08-2015 | Views: 2,200 Replies: 3
Yeah, that doesn't sit well with me either.

Well that's what I'd like to know. I mean, I would be surprised if that's how it worked but it would be good to know.
Posted By ChadJKosch On 26-08-2015 | Views: 2,200 Replies: 3
So with Autodesk offering some great subscription options I am curious about one thing I can't seem to find. What happens when your Autodesk subscription expires or you cancel it? Can you still use...
Posted By ChadJKosch On 26-04-2015 | Views: 2,013 Replies: 3
Very good points and yeah. that's along the same thoughts I was having.

Indeed. Especially in the areas of MEL scripting. But your right, most of the books I am thinking of are more...
Posted By ChadJKosch On 08-04-2015 | Views: 2,013 Replies: 3
Greetings Everyone!

I come seeking advice. So, something I have been debating is if I should get some Maya tutorial books. The idea behind this is to simply have reference material (on hand) but...
Posted By ChadJKosch On 25-09-2014 | Views: 3,354 Replies: 3
Greetings Jsprogg

Thanks for the info I appreciate it. I do see your point and actually figured that might be the reason I just was never 100% sure. :) and yeah, I know low poly is not so impotent...
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