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Posted By twesterhof On 04-11-2004 | Views: 501 Replies: 1
ok guys, heres my first try at a "detailed" character. I've made about 3 simple human type figures, and this is my latest. There's no face yet, or hands.
Posted By twesterhof On 03-11-2004 | Views: 11,471 Replies: 7
I asked about this a while ago and got no response. I tried using ray tracing and putting a sphere in front of the camera lens, it worked, but I didn't want the extra render time. I really would...
Posted By twesterhof On 30-10-2004 | Views: 1,376 Replies: 0
Okay, i've been working on this character, and i've got the body pretty much done and now i need to make the hood. I tried extruding a hood like shape out of the top of the body box, which works...
Posted By twesterhof On 20-10-2004 | Views: 589 Replies: 3
So that program will let me create music with any kind of instrument i want? Is it difficult?
Posted By twesterhof On 20-10-2004 | Views: 589 Replies: 3
What's the most common method people use to make music for their movies? I'm talking about no budget, one guy in his basement kind of stuff. I don't have any instruments, so I was thinking of using a...
Posted By twesterhof On 28-09-2004 | Views: 2,258 Replies: 9
At first I thought it was just an awesome render! Very cool! i've always wanted to try a 3d printer. How much did it cost to get it "printed"?
Posted By twesterhof On 22-09-2004 | Views: 879 Replies: 5
I find maya fundamentals to be very helpful. mine came with a cd with videos showing every step.
Posted By twesterhof On 18-09-2004 | Views: 2,890 Replies: 4
Look at the pic. There are a few faces on my model where the little blue dot in the middle of the face is not visible, but the face can still be selected by dragging a selection box over the area...
Posted By twesterhof On 30-07-2004 | Views: 2,617 Replies: 1
I've designed a character with smooth proxy modeling, so I have my cage, and my smooth proxy, and their instanced mirrors that show what my complete model looks like. I want to complete my model and...
Posted By twesterhof On 19-07-2004 | Views: 1,623 Replies: 19
Hey Buzzerman, do you play games with your 9700/FireGL? Do you have any problems with games? I heard that the FireGL drivers don't support DirectX9 well, so it can't be used for new games. The reason...
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