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Posted By Pherbis On 27-04-2006 | Views: 859 Replies: 4
Hey i fixed the problem by taking gsters's advice by first unistalling my display driver and then downloaded the updated drivers from Nvidia's site and it seems to work fine now.
Posted By Pherbis On 23-04-2006 | Views: 859 Replies: 4
Hey all,

So i just got a new gateway computer and when i go to run maya and move around it jumps alot. I can't really move around the space, whether zooming or rotating at all cause it will always...
Posted By Pherbis On 19-09-2005 | Views: 1,687 Replies: 8
I'd have to go with the second one because according to the challenge, your suuposed to make an iconic image. Something that people would remember in years to come.

And as cool as the first image...
Posted By Pherbis On 21-02-2005 | Views: 1,714 Replies: 23
i'd say the body of robot 1 with the head from robot 2
Posted By Pherbis On 16-02-2005 | Views: 1,733 Replies: 18
I agree with ckyuk.

Also colleges and universities cost alot more money because you figure your paying for other things around the school like their electric bills and water bills and all the tiny...
Posted By Pherbis On 16-02-2005 | Views: 1,733 Replies: 18
I saw the whole info on this in there news letter- someone posted it on cgtalk. There are 6 classes with each class taking 12 weeks. So basically the whole thing is a little over a year and each...
Posted By Pherbis On 18-11-2004 | Views: 678 Replies: 5
God I really hope that page is a joke because that would be ridiculous for the other companies to sue just because there making hit movies. The other studios should stop bitching and take the time to...
Posted By Pherbis On 15-09-2004 | Views: 2,296 Replies: 7
Forum: Finished Work
nice work but it's a hard to see. try adding some light so we can see the images better.
Posted By Pherbis On 09-09-2004 | Views: 826 Replies: 5
thanks for the kind words guys!!

and i thought you might recognize something there kurt haha. that model is due to your excellent drawing skills
Posted By Pherbis On 08-09-2004 | Views: 826 Replies: 5
Hey guys I just got my website up and running not to long ago. I wanted to know what you guys think. The address is The whole thing was designed by my roommate, I just supplied the...
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