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Posted By mythandra On 03-05-2018 | Views: 9,673 Replies: 0
Good evening all

I have an issue when trying to UV and object in Maya 2018. I select the object in question, perform the cuts no issues then unfold and optimize. the issue is that the checker...
Posted By mythandra On 17-04-2018 | Views: 10,324 Replies: 1
Hi Dave

Just a quick question, when will the last part of the Robot tutorial be made available?

Cheers Clarke
Posted By mythandra On 22-03-2018 | Views: 9,639 Replies: 0
Hey David

Just bought the tutorial "Substance Painter 2017" and you mention that you would include the texture for the eye, Checking the files I dont see the texture within the downloads.

Posted By mythandra On 19-04-2017 | Views: 1,981 Replies: 4
Thanks Dave

Looking forward to seeing what its all about. As you know i also have Mari, however some of the affects and materials that are available for SP2 are pretty damn good and with not that...
Posted By mythandra On 18-04-2017 | Views: 1,981 Replies: 4

Could i request some training please

I would like to see something modeled in Maya and then textured in substance painter 2

Thanks Mith
Posted By mythandra On 14-02-2017 | Views: 1,521 Replies: 1
HI All

I am just wondering what Dave is working on to deliver next. Really miss the tutorials.

Some great stuff comes out of SM :)

Please give us a heads up Dave?

Cheers Myth
Posted By mythandra On 14-01-2017 | Views: 2,779 Replies: 5
As David mentioned laptops are a huge cost if you want the horse power, I bought a macbook pro for over 3000 Australian Dollars when i was working over there for 3 months, dont really use maya alot...
Posted By mythandra On 14-10-2016 | Views: 2,558 Replies: 4
stay up north tweety mate, london sucks lol
Posted By mythandra On 14-10-2016 | Views: 1,926 Replies: 4
i personally would go for something like the house modelling that Dave did. or the bedroom scene, having used maya as a hobbiest sing version 5 i still found it very good, dave has a way of telling...
Posted By mythandra On 22-08-2016 | Views: 2,704 Replies: 3
not sure if i will buy the license to be honest as i am a hobbits , Maya was expensive enough lol
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