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Posted By Ajmooch On 27-03-2009 | Views: 1,578 Replies: 1
Sure, you could animate it realistically even if you only use normal and transparency mapping-just make a lower res model and animate it to the mapping.

I'm a basketball player, and I'll tell you...
Posted By Ajmooch On 20-03-2009 | Views: 729 Replies: 3
Thanks for the mac-pc advice.

Anyone on the number of installs?
Posted By Ajmooch On 19-03-2009 | Views: 729 Replies: 3
Hey guys, quick and rather general question--
I have Maya 2008 (student) for PC and run it on Windows XP. I've installed it on two computers and it hasn't given me any indication, but I may want to...
Posted By Ajmooch On 10-03-2009 | Views: 2,082 Replies: 20
Try going into Wireframe mode (hit 4) or scaling all of the objects in the scene really large so that you can easily zoom inside the cube, or go into X-ray mode, or cut off a face of the cube, or...
Posted By Ajmooch On 18-01-2009 | Views: 1,545 Replies: 3
In my experience the only difference between Mac and PC Maya versions have been minor control ones--Mostly mouse buttons, but you really shouldn't see anything else. As far as performance/power...
Posted By Ajmooch On 16-01-2009 | Views: 1,219 Replies: 2
Yeah, the top handle looks like it took a lot of edges with smoothing, you could definitely take down the poly count without losing very much detail.
I really like the reload-clicky handle part on...
Posted By Ajmooch On 06-11-2008 | Views: 826 Replies: 4
Check the plugin editor if you see any application disappear, in fact.

Yeah, the first time my mental ray disappeared I started freaking out, too. I did some really weird stuff to render a scene...
Posted By Ajmooch On 05-11-2008 | Views: 1,125 Replies: 10
Yeah, like Gect said, that looks way too bright. Also, you may want to (Actually, you most definitely want to) scale back the reflections on your material (Just do it through the attribute editor,...
Posted By Ajmooch On 04-11-2008 | Views: 1,125 Replies: 10
The two axes that it shows are the focus point-The point at which the light is aimed. The second is the light itself.

You can access these by pressing T or hitting Show Manipulator Tool. If you...
Posted By Ajmooch On 02-11-2008 | Views: 1,132 Replies: 7
Nice! I want to rig that really bad now >_> Wish I had time to put together a mech. I like that one, though.
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