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Posted By NitroLiq On 08-03-2013 | Views: 888 Replies: 1
Ouch. Some of those scenes are all too familiar. I just woke up to find everything blanketed in snow (and it's still coming down) here in NYC. The news channels get a little crazy around here where...
Posted By NitroLiq On 03-10-2011 | Views: 2,671 Replies: 6
Yep, that's the same Master Zap from IIRC, he did some fanfilm effects test with his kid(s) showing cloning and comping a spaceship into live footage. Certainly knows his stuff....
Posted By NitroLiq On 30-09-2011 | Views: 3,350 Replies: 23
+1 to what Jay said.

If you're just a hobbyist, then it shouldn't matter. Work when the mood strikes and consider it a hobby like anything else (watching tv, playing games, etc). If you're...
Posted By NitroLiq On 21-07-2011 | Views: 3,284 Replies: 8
Have you tried contacting the artist and seeing if you can purchase a 3d file from him/her?
Posted By NitroLiq On 06-07-2011 | Views: 4,759 Replies: 33
Congrats, dude! She seems to be in a zen-like state. :happy:
Posted By NitroLiq On 10-06-2011 | Views: 1,673 Replies: 3
You could probably just purchase the stock photo and modify to your needs in photoshop.
Posted By NitroLiq On 25-04-2011 | Views: 14,516 Replies: 71
This +1000.
Posted By NitroLiq On 20-03-2011 | Views: 6,803 Replies: 24
My sincerest condolences to his family. RIP Tom.
Posted By NitroLiq On 12-03-2011 | Views: 2,627 Replies: 9
Similar experiences here with regards to looking for the "undo" button in non-computer activities and deconstructing real-life objects. As a designer by trade, the one thing that really affects me is...
Posted By NitroLiq On 07-03-2011 | Views: 7,722 Replies: 37
Neil, here's to a speedy recovery and finding balance between everything. Take a breather (Health should be priority #1).
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