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Posted By Jay On 11-11-2021 | Views: 32,736 Replies: 14
nice to see our tute came in handy.

I completely agree with the crits on here...always look for refs to go that bit will be so much more convincing in the end

and thats a nice bike...
Posted By Jay On 10-11-2021 | Views: 4,329 Replies: 5

I am familiar with the topic, my point is that its not ideal to have a control follow the mesh. I've worked in film for 25 years and Ive not seen it at any point. even with the...
Posted By Jay On 09-11-2021 | Views: 4,329 Replies: 5
It looks like a joke with the *use this step if you dont like using head geo* comment.

You cant make a control follow a mesh you need to make the control follow the rig - the rig is the point of...
Posted By Jay On 20-10-2021 | Views: 6,059 Replies: 1
hey Amarildo

so......couple of things....has the glass got thickness? or is it like a single side? usually to get good glass and lighting add thickness.

secondly, you may need to turn your rays...
Posted By Jay On 04-10-2021 | Views: 6,683 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling


there are mirror blendshape scripts on highend 3d so maybe worth a look for the future if you do this type of work again.

the vert re-order was the only thing I could...
Posted By Jay On 04-10-2021 | Views: 6,683 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
once you freeze the mesh you basically reorder the points so the transfer attributes wont work in this respect. this looks like it has been modelled symmetrically, you could try using...
Posted By Jay On 17-05-2021 | Views: 5,126 Replies: 2
what renderer are you using?

Posted By Jay On 08-03-2021 | Views: 19,350 Replies: 5
you are welcome. Theres quite a few nuggets of info people share on here...its worth sticking around

Posted By Jay On 16-12-2020 | Views: 212,712 Replies: 162
A good challenge for everyone to do...model an everyday object...something real world that you use everyday, from around your home. Takes some photos and model it, and if you can or want to, render a...
Posted By Jay On 14-12-2020 | Views: 9,017 Replies: 1
Forum: Maya Modeling

so a couple of things.....

Is the model in a group? Does it have transforms or even model history, these are basic areas to check, so freeze transforms and delete history, and if you do...
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