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Posted By Joopson On 21-03-2019 | Views: 36,180 Replies: 29
Hahaha, oh no. My past is haunting me.

I’m 27 now. Worked in the game industry for a few years, and am now doing 3D Viz at the furniture company Wayfair. My how the times do change.
Posted By Joopson On 30-05-2013 | Views: 5,790 Replies: 16

Finished for good.
I'm happy with it!

Onto my next project.
Posted By Joopson On 22-05-2013 | Views: 5,790 Replies: 16
Some more work:
Any feedback? Critique, et cetera?
Posted By Joopson On 10-05-2013 | Views: 5,790 Replies: 16
Thanks guys! Stwert, yes, there's a bit of faceting, but in a game, where this takes up only a small part of the screen, and mostly from behind, it shouldn't be an issue; and if the enemy were using...
Posted By Joopson On 09-05-2013 | Views: 5,790 Replies: 16
A little more work on the wood, and it should be done.
Here are a bunch of angles slapped together into one image. Again, the "proctor single-action revolver" doesn't exist.
Posted By Joopson On 09-05-2013 | Views: 5,790 Replies: 16
And here's the Low, all baked out. Some baking errors in spots, but nothing enough to get me to tweak the cage. Started the texturing process; though it is very early on.
3488 tris.

Forgive the...
Posted By Joopson On 25-04-2013 | Views: 5,790 Replies: 16
Hey Acid;
You're right, physically speaking. But for the purpose of a game model, it's important the edges aren't too sharp, or else it'll bake badly when I'm making the normal map.
Here's a...
Posted By Joopson On 23-04-2013 | Views: 5,790 Replies: 16
Hey guys, long time no see! Seriously. I've been sort of sneaking around these forums for a day or two again, after months of not visiting, and though oh, I may as well post.

I'm working on a...
Posted By Joopson On 08-07-2012 | Views: 3,048 Replies: 6
LATE REPLY. I'm right on the border between Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. Nice area, just not much to do close by!
Posted By Joopson On 27-09-2011 | Views: 17,932 Replies: 17
Long story short:
Felt like a huge jerk for neglecting my family- so I'm not doing this anymore. At least not today or during vacation.

JrWho is still doing his, though, on his own, and it will...
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