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Posted By halfloaf On 04-09-2017 | Views: 12,500 Replies: 13
Well done, uni life for you! :)
Posted By halfloaf On 11-08-2017 | Views: 12,500 Replies: 13
Good luck! Hope it goes swimmingly.
Posted By halfloaf On 31-07-2017 | Views: 12,600 Replies: 8
Awesome stuff, you're on a roll!
Posted By halfloaf On 25-07-2017 | Views: 12,160 Replies: 6
Once you learn to ride a bike...

I still have my trainer wheels on, can't seem to find the time to take them off an dfall down a few times!

Looking forward to updates.
Posted By halfloaf On 25-07-2017 | Views: 12,160 Replies: 6
Don't think you had many cobwebs going there! :) Looks a very good start.
Posted By halfloaf On 23-07-2017 | Views: 7,810 Replies: 3
Forum: Maya Modeling
Have you tried double clicking the rotate tool to adjust the pivot angle to 45 deg relative to your object?

You can also hold down 'j' before rotating to constrain your rotation steps to 15...
Posted By halfloaf On 12-07-2017 | Views: 15,548 Replies: 12
Couldn't see the one in the final thread but it looks really good, well done!
Posted By halfloaf On 28-06-2017 | Views: 6,947 Replies: 8
Hi, the problem is expressed in the error message. You are trying to extrude a nurbs element with a polygon extrude tool. Are you not after the Surfaces -> Extrude tool?
Posted By halfloaf On 15-06-2017 | Views: 11,929 Replies: 5
Nice clean model Sampson, look forward to seeing the model rigged.
Posted By halfloaf On 14-06-2017 | Views: 10,993 Replies: 4
Nice one Kurt.

One thing I always find with steampunk is I want to see the gadgets move. So many images and concepts leave you wondering how the gadgets actually work, I suppose it's not a bad...
Showing results 1 to 10 of 191