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Posted By wuthoqquan On 11-07-2006 | Views: 13,219 Replies: 89
ericmattison81... as I already requested many times around here on SimplyMaya forums, could you please provide some details on the setup of your rendering scene, so that I could try to have a grasp...
Posted By wuthoqquan On 11-07-2006 | Views: 3,137 Replies: 32
Great work! This is indeed a beautiful model of the Audi TT 2007... You really put a lot of details and care in the modelling. Looking forward to seeing some texturing soon... once you finish with...
Posted By wuthoqquan On 09-07-2006 | Views: 3,205 Replies: 31
Your bus is looking really good... as quoted above, could you please provide a link to the tutorial you mentioned? Thanx!
Posted By wuthoqquan On 09-07-2006 | Views: 3,137 Replies: 32
Yet it's of great accuracy and smoothness! You surely know how to have full control of those polygons... Looking forward to getting new updates from you soon! Keep up the great work...
Posted By wuthoqquan On 09-07-2006 | Views: 3,137 Replies: 32
Looks like it's going to be a stunning car... please post new updates as soon as you can... Also, is it in poly or nurbs?
Keep it up!
Posted By wuthoqquan On 08-07-2006 | Views: 14,255 Replies: 128
Oh my... this piece of work is just impressive!!!
I agree with you saying that a video tutorial on the processing of modeling this BMW would be almost impossible. The amount of work and care to...
Posted By wuthoqquan On 30-06-2006 | Views: 3,323 Replies: 2
Thanks for your reply!
I'm attaching to this post two text files with excerpts taken from the Output Window and Script Editor, so that you can check the error messages.

Could you please also...
Posted By wuthoqquan On 29-06-2006 | Views: 3,323 Replies: 2
Hi everyone!

I’m posting this request for help, after some time spent trying to fix a problem I’m having with the training course “Introduction to RenderMan for Maya” from Digital Tutors.

Posted By wuthoqquan On 09-04-2005 | Views: 1,394 Replies: 5
Hello again!

Just to inform you that, at last, I've bought a Quadro FX 1300 for 300 euro... I already know this is a price lower than the normal average retail price.
However, I would still like...
Posted By wuthoqquan On 05-04-2005 | Views: 1,394 Replies: 5
Quick update...

I've found a used Quadro FX 500 (AGP 8x) for sale at US$120/EUR95... would you think it would be a more convenient upgrade, compared to the Quadro FX 540 which is PCI Express, but...
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