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Posted By ckyuk On 26-07-2021 | Views: 7,056 Replies: 13
Thanks for tanking the time to reply Yuelao. However I'm not sure how you can across this post as it was 18 years ago when I posted this and have since bought, used, sold that Wacom and moved on to...
Posted By ckyuk On 18-04-2021 | Views: 4,983 Replies: 0
Not sure where the correct place to ask this is, but as someone who used to play around in Alias Maya 4.5 as a teenager almost 20 years ago I've wondered back to SimplyMaya out of curiousity of how...
Posted By ckyuk On 23-12-2012 | Views: 2,431 Replies: 10
Sorry for hijacking the thread but can someone explain what the top attribute "cm 2 factor" does in this lens shader?
Posted By ckyuk On 02-12-2012 | Views: 6,949 Replies: 13
Thanks GecT it was the shadow depth that was causing the issue with the shadows through the pepper shaker, seemed to of fixed that. Also stopped the sugar dispenser looking so blown out but want to...
Posted By ckyuk On 01-12-2012 | Views: 6,949 Replies: 13
Sorry I didn't reply for so long, had the week without access to the internet. No there is not supposed to be water in any of the shakers, can you point out exactly where and what you think is wrong?
Posted By ckyuk On 25-11-2012 | Views: 6,949 Replies: 13
Your all going to have a good laugh now when I tell you what fixed it :P We were all looking far to deep into it and missed out one very important aspect. I had visible in refraction's turned off on...
Posted By ckyuk On 25-11-2012 | Views: 6,949 Replies: 13
Had another play but still getting similar problems the glass material is now the mia_material_x Thick glass preset with the exception of the black on on the right that is the dielectric material. As...
Posted By ckyuk On 25-11-2012 | Views: 6,949 Replies: 13
This may be very basic as I don't know much about raytracing, its a fairly new topic for me. But I've started texturing/lighting a scene this evening and having problems getting good refraction's....
Posted By ckyuk On 24-11-2012 | Views: 3,541 Replies: 6
Forum: Maya Modeling
I drew a few curves, rebuilt them to get them nice and even and then used them in a different way to bi-rail the bath tub then convert to poly and merge the verts down the middle of the two pieces.
Posted By ckyuk On 23-11-2012 | Views: 10,030 Replies: 21
Thanks for the video. I really like videos like this, especially the first one with the bend deformer that concentrate on showing us processes and explaining why rather than just a rush through some...
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