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Posted By Some Guy On 26-01-2012 | Views: 9,563 Replies: 30
Its the difference between being a bully and being graceful in the way you correct someone. Saying that he is full of shit for belittling the industry and then belittling him at the same time does...
Posted By Some Guy On 22-09-2011 | Views: 1,966 Replies: 6
ha yeah itll be nice to get out into the 'real world' finally!
Posted By Some Guy On 14-09-2011 | Views: 1,966 Replies: 6
Thanks guys :)

I figured minimal works better for photos and I was advised that it looks more 'professional'. When i learn how to use Dreamweaver ill try a few different css schemes or something....
Posted By Some Guy On 10-09-2011 | Views: 1,966 Replies: 6
Hello hello my lovely 3D people! Its been a while. I know I post a thread every 3 months or so updating with what I'm doing but I have been visiting this site since I was like, 14, so I dunno, I like...
Posted By Some Guy On 31-07-2011 | Views: 2,526 Replies: 5
Well in VIC and NSW you can ride some bikes up to 600cc under the LAMS scheme, if the power to weight ratio is a certain... ratio! The Suzuki GSX650F is chipped to be within that ratio so thats why...
Posted By Some Guy On 23-07-2011 | Views: 2,526 Replies: 5
I dont think I could make the move to electric (although 48c for a recharge is pretty good assuming you want to spend 2 hours waiting around!). I'm having too much fun on my old 1985 Honda V4 for a...
Posted By Some Guy On 01-07-2011 | Views: 3,620 Replies: 9
YouTube - ‪VFX SR.‬‏ (

Someone should hire this guy! I was blown away
Posted By Some Guy On 15-04-2011 | Views: 2,807 Replies: 10
Heres my input.

A Mac works for any Mac program because it HAS to. If there is any compatibility issue a Mac just freaks out and wont listen. With Windows you have the ability to run unsupported...
Posted By Some Guy On 13-04-2011 | Views: 18,208 Replies: 95
I love reading this sort of stuff. Going through uni now it is so interesting the ways in which people get to their goals.

Good too see you around again Mike! How goes Fatherhood?
Posted By Some Guy On 04-04-2011 | Views: 19,643 Replies: 14
Congrats Gen, awesome effort!
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