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Posted By murambi On 02-09-2021 | Views: 1,688 Replies: 0
Hey everyone, so im having issues with Maya animations and the viewport, when i open maya and scrub through my animation, the character model behaves like its got conflicting constraints and parts of...
Posted By murambi On 09-03-2021 | Views: 4,376 Replies: 2
The Programs do the exact same thing. How they do it maybe a bit different so just pick your poison and get your hands dirty.
Posted By murambi On 09-03-2021 | Views: 3,356 Replies: 0
Hi All,
I am having issues with saving out images from the arnold render. I keep getting this error
Error: Couldn't apply Color Management to saved image.
And the image keeps coming out washed...
Posted By murambi On 05-08-2020 | Views: 7,783 Replies: 2
hmm ok let me try my hand at redshift! I dont understand why Maya is pushing for arnold like that, the render times are ridiculous just to try and get noise out of an image
Posted By murambi On 22-07-2020 | Views: 7,783 Replies: 2
Hi everyone, what's the choice of renderer for interior lighting. Im trying to move on from mental ray as it seems the industry abandoned it several years ago. Im checking out Arnold but it seems...
Posted By murambi On 07-01-2020 | Views: 10,267 Replies: 1
Hi, this is a known problem that sadly has never been figured out, it happens alot when you batch render using FG and GI, but theres a script in the rendering part of the forum that should guide you
Posted By murambi On 10-09-2019 | Views: 6,310 Replies: 0
Forum: Animation
So I have been having this issue for the longest but I have never really been able to conquer this. I am getting heavy flickering in my textures and sometimes between different objects while...
Posted By murambi On 27-09-2018 | Views: 26,423 Replies: 15
This looks really cool
Posted By murambi On 30-08-2018 | Views: 2,703 Replies: 2
yeah it seems like the neck joints are contrained to the main control, But I can't find it in the outliner
Posted By murambi On 28-08-2018 | Views: 2,703 Replies: 2
Hi all,
So I'm having a rigging problem. I bought some script called slap on autorig. I applied it to my mesh and quickly started having problems with it. When I move the main character control the...
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